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Kaohsiung Logistics Center (KLC) is the first international logistics center ever established in Taiwan. It provides integrated, value-added services for international transport, domestic distribution, and warehousing management. The KLC was licensed as an international logistics center in October 2002.

This ideal logistics center offers integrated logistics services, including 24-hour Customs clearance, autonomous administration, storage without time limit, and transportation of goods without Customs-authorized escort. To fulfill customers’ diversified needs, KLC provides customized shipment and warehousing management, MCD, MCC, and VMI.

The KLC, located at Container Terminal No.3 of Kaohsiung Harbor, is close to Kaohsiung International Airport and the freeway. This ideal location for both domestic and international transportation provides clients a perfect Asia-Pacific HUB for warehousing and for distributing goods to neighboring nations and territories such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. KLC can also be used as an ideal distribution center for the southern and eastern parts of Taiwan.

KLC-1 occupies a 35,346-square-meter site and has a two-story warehouse with a total storage area of 26,730 square meters. The first floor, comprising three areas, is used for sea-transportation (including import, export and transit), warehouses, logistics center, and bonded goods.

The entire second floor is planned as the logistics center, including a storage area, a sorting area and a value-added service providing area. Besides ambient-temperature storage facility, there are five storage facilities with constant temperature and humidity. Moreover, rooms for customers to do administrative work in the logistics center are also planned.

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