International Freight Forwarding Services

Global Multiple-transportation Service For Door-to-Door Delivery

Major Services
  • Global multiple-transportation service for door-to-door delivery
  • Multi-country consolidation & distribution
  • Professional one-stop service for project and special cargo transportation
  • Customs clearance and duty consultancy

Customs clearance and formality

Major Services
  • Import & export Customs brokerage and clearance service/regulatory compliance consultancy
  • Import/Export documents preparation and application per shipment’s requirement
  • Inspections/quarantines/organic labels application
  • One-stop window of tailor-made Customs clearance service

 Warehouse Services

Cold chain logistics solution

Major Services
  • Frozen/refrigerated/multi-temperature and multi- humidity controlled warehouse
  • Good for food, agricultural Products, chemical products and drugs
  • High quality multi–temperature warehousing and logistics total solution service
  • Value-added and distribution service

Export/Impor/MCC CFS

Major Services
  • Import cargo stripping, inspection and delivery service
  • Export cargo receiving and inspection, stuffing planning, consolidation and tally
  • Multi-country cargo consolidation
  • Oversized cargo securing and stripping

Value-added service

Major Services
  • Receiving and delivery service/Inventory management
  • Tailor-made reports for inventory control
  • Quality inspection/labeling/palletization/wrapping /packing services
  • Distribution and delivery service

Taiwan Free Trade Zone supply chain solution

Major Services
  • Asian Regional Distribution Center
  • Tax-free and deposit-free arrangement for imported cargo’s warehouse entry
  • Apply for tax-free imports based on local regulations
  • Stock management/quality control/distribution/outsource rework/global transportation service
  • Autonomous Customs management and Customs clearance in 24 hours

 Cross-Border E-commerce logistics service

Cross-Border E-commerce logistics service

Major Services
  • One-stop integrated logistics service by delivering commodities under DDP term to top cross-border e-commerce marketplace operators assigned fulfillment centers for sellers (shippers)
  • Dispatch duly packed / labeled commodities, strictly follow related rules issued by e-commerce marketplace operators
  • Overseas Distribution Centers, Trans-loading Centers and/or Consolidation Hubs to service e-commerce commodities
  • Instant cargo tracking service
  • Experienced global import/export Customs Formalities and tax consultancy service
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